admin@coach June 14, 2018

Jasa Design Interior – Color block is not too familiar for most people. However, when you see how it looks, you may understand what is meant by the color block.

Starting from the term used for the fashion world to explain the combination of two or more colors for fashion items, now this term is also used and a trend for interior design. One of them was the bathroom.

If you are one of those people who like bold colors, you will welcome the color block trend for the bathroom. Like a combination of pink, blue, or green. These three colors give their own energy in the bathroom. Either combined with one color just like white or a combination of rainbow patterns.

Bold adaptations to traditional palettes, color schemes, and strong blocking are the basis of a very attractive bathroom design. Classic details such as wall hangings and wooden dressers give a warm impression. While the modern-style bathtub gives the impression that is not complicated.

Tips for traditional bathroom clor block is to note the color rotation. Choose two or three colors from the opposite side for a dramatic color blocking scheme.

The bathroom is located near the swimming pool is a perfect position that allows homeowners to rinse the body after swimming. Exterior colors are blue, beige, and a little touch of this chrome reflects the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the residents of the house.

The soft application of blue walls provides a calming effect. While the dresser as well as the white wall sink split the blue ocean around it. Shown very clean, simple, and modern. – Office Interior Contractor Jakarta

Designer Kim Lewis uses bright magenta colors to create the client’s bathroom focal point.

“Color can enhance the individuality of a room,” Lewis said. Meanwhile, white color according to him, is the best color to rest the eyes of bright colors.